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YOU're Driving

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CHALLENGE – Young drivers are over represented in all types of road accidents in NZ. Dangerous driving involving alcohol and drugs, speed or distractions are among the major contributing factors to young drivers being involved in road accidents.  Auckland Transport asked us to create a campaign to help the young drivers of Auckland understand the consequences of dangerous driving.

IDEA – As we wanted to actively engage young drivers for this campaign, we chose Snapchat for our main channel of delivery. As one of the fastest-growing social platforms in NZ and extremely popular with younger generations, it fitted the bill perfectly. To understand the youth market we brought together a ‘young drivers’ steering group to give us advice and direction.

Initially using traditional marketing methods, we invited users to follow us on our ‘yrchoice’ Snapchat handle. We then revealed 6 short videos over a six-week period to our followers themed around road safety. These videos featured a group of young mates making dangerous decisions around driving to highlight the consequences of their choices.

RESULT – Snapchat, by its very nature, allowed us to develop an audience of over 5000 followers who were not only viewing the videos but also actively responding to them. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and there was a real sense of attitudinal change evident through followers' comments.  Auckland Transport now has a 5,000 strong audience within the ‘hard to reach’ demographic of youth drivers aged 15-24 years old that they can continue to interact with for future campaigns.

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