Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

A Well-Connected


– Brand & Identity

CHALLENGE – In 2011, the Well-Connected Alliance – comprising the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Fletcher Construction, MacDow, Obayashi Corporation, Beca, Parsons Brinckerhoff and Tonkin and Taylor - was selected to lead the design and delivery of New Zealand's largest roading project, The Waterview Connection. Port were engaged to develop a brand system that enabled  Waka Kotahi, Roads Of National Significance and Well-Connected Alliance brands to work together across multiple levels of communication.

IDEA – Port created the WCA logo and a
7 ring system to represent the 7 partners of the Alliance. This marque was then used on it’s own or alongside the Waka Kotahi and RoNS brands to represent different levels of communication. For formal communications, to stakeholders and business, Waka Kotahi, RoNS and WCA
logos were used together. Public communications – notices of works
and road closures, newsletters, signage
–  were represented by the WCA logo
and ring system with the rings locked together. For internal communications
– safety messages, office wall graphics, forms and templates - the WCA logo was shown with the ring system broken apart. Port developed a set of brand guidelines to outline how each communication lock-up should work. We were also responsible for producing all WCA collateral – from way-finding signage to induction booklets, newsletters to social media – you name it, we designed it!

RESULT – A brand system that enhanced the Waka Kotahi’s overall reputation in partnership with seven key infrastructure organisations, raised awareness and managed public expectations effectively around the Waterview project and helped to create a positive, internal staff culture.

– Public expectation managed

– Internal culture of one team, one goal across many organisations.

The success was not simply defined by getting the job done on cost and to programme. AT demanded excellence
in areas such as safety, sustainability, culture, communications and community engagements. The projects identity and brand story enabled client, stakeholders and general public to all enjoy a sense of ownership.

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