Wellington Water

Step Up &

Be a Water Hero

Water Resilience

– Campaign

Communicating the commitment from Wellington Water provides infrastructure strength, storage, source options and helping save lives.

Wellington Water is providing:

- strength, in terms of distribution network and earthquake resilient reservoirs

- storage, in terms of reservoir size and appropriate places for more to be built

- source, in terms of providing the region with more water sources

- saving lives, in terms of emergency bores, rapid response equipment, storage, and welfare centers.

For the investment of Phase One to have cut-through, continuity and context we continued with the ‘Water Hero’ concept into Phase Two… albeit, more subtle with a plural ‘Heroes’ approach.

There are many participants, partners and stages involved in the investigating and improving stages of the Wellington water infrastructure resilience objective. The Water Heroes identifier was used to bring the components together to help residents know and understand what Wellington Water is doing to help make Wellington fully water resilient.

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