United Nations

A Global

Creative Brief – To provide integrated design, editing, proofreading and indexing for the United Nations (UN) and African Union (AU) handbooks. Also to provide French translation services and printing.

The Result – A smooth transition between publications. Successful production and delivery of three documents to various locations around the world.

Skills Applied

– Design thinking

- Design build

- Typesetting

- Proofreading

- Indexing

- Print and distribution

Success factors

- Delivery within United Nations/African Union brand framework

- Solving the cover design / image and colour palette

- Ease of accessibility

- Desired infographics giving clarity

- Version control system worked very well

- Seamless print and delivery

- Great relationships between all parties

- Easy to understand instructions through regular updates / progressing

Value delivered and innovation

- Collaborative approach between all parties (MFAT, print specialists and web)

- Technology innovation / interactive PDFs

- Utilisation of partner assets – image libraries, digital platforms and other existing channels.

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