Go Bus

Designing for a reassuring customer impression


– Smartphone app & promotional collateral

Naming and Brand Identity – The Go Bus subbrand, Savy – the name speaks to the real-time technology that drives the rideshare offering and the savvy customers that choose to use the service.

IDEA – Savy is a new app-based on-demand transport service where rides are pooled to provide affordable travel. Travel will be in 9 seat vans and you may be travelling with other Savy riders for part or all of your journey. Savy offers flat fares and also discounts for groups, made on the one booking, and also offers a weekly travel pass.

When you make your booking, you will be informed of the pickup location, who your driver will be and the van details picking you up. We will contact you if there are any delays.

RESULT – An amazing story told through the eyes of all who worked on the project, captured with extraordinary photography and clean, beautiful graphic design.

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