New Zealand Transport Agency

Hui – Informing the
Old to New do-ey

Old Māngere Bridge

– Community Engagement

CHALLENGE – The NZ Transport Agency were replacing the old Māngere Bridge to provide locals with a safe, high quality walking and cycling connection between the Onehunga and Māngere Bridge communities. During the replacement the NZTA wanted to hold public open days to give people the opportunity to share their thoughts, develop an appreciation of the bridge’s history and to communicate the timeline of the construction. This is where Port stepped in…

IDEA – A fun day out for all the family was devised. Static information displays invited the public to learn about the design and construction processes happening in their backyard and interactive elements gave them a chance to have their say before final designs were confirmed. The public were able to walk across a life-sized, 2D section of the bridge to get a feel for the new design and a feedback board was provided for people to stick messages and feedback post-it notes to and have their say.

RESULT – More than 800 people attended the event - exceeding NZTA expectations
- and the interactive tools developed, provided a fun and easy way for people
to share their ideas. The NZTA decided to undertake a number of traffic flow tests
to address some of the public feedback from the open day.

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