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– Brand & Identity

CHALLENGE – Port have been working alongside Heirloom since 2002, providing them with marketing strategy, creative and design. With many international bathroom accessory companies moving into the NZ market over the last decade, Heirloom wanted to redefine itself as a NZ brand and showcase it’s 40 years of service to NZ. Heirloom’s brand and information on packaging and collateral had also become inconsistent across it’s product ranges which was confusing to the customer. Port were invited to refresh the Heirloom brand to help reflect what makes Heirloom unique and make the Heirloom brand recognisable across all products.

IDEA – The Heirloom wordmark was not altered but the way the brand was represented on products was changed. The red from the existing Heirloom logo was applied to all packaging and collateral as a ‘sash’ element. The sash visual was consistent across all products and made the brand more of a feature that could be easily recognised. A ’40 years’ emblem was created to sit alongside the wordmark to highlight Heirloom’s history as a NZ company.

The Heirloom brand story, featured on their website and in catalogues, was also rewritten. Redefined to emphasise their longevity as a Kiwi brand, working alongside NZ architects and trades people, and to draw attention to their knowledge of NZ bathroom environments. After an audit of all product ranges, we devised a product story to allow each range to be distinct from one another but also come together cohesively under the main Heirloom brand.

The Heirloom brand identity scheme was refreshed with a number of core elements that come together to create a distinctive look across mulitple channels including; website, catalogues, packaging, flyers, advertising and direct marketing campaigns.

RESULT – Keeping the same brand narrative across all ranges has made it easier for Heirloom to tell their story.
The refreshed brand was rolled out on Heirloom’s website, catalogues, packaging and promotional material. This stimulated the market and gave Heirloom’s salespeople and clients something to get excited about. This, and distinguishing Heirloom as a NZ company, has seen an increase in their sales over the last year.

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