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– Event Engagement

CHALLENGE – As an extension of our work with the Waikato District Council (WDC) on its ‘Open Waikato’ brand, PORT was approached to develop creative collateral for E Tu Waikato - an economic development conference hosted by the WDC. This free, one-day conference was held with the aim of showcasing what the Waikato district has to offer business in NZ and overseas. The collateral needed to reflect the diversity of economic successes and opportunities in the Waikato.

IDEA – To demonstrate the diversity of economic opportunities in the Waikato, we shot a range of images featuring local people and locations within the region. These images were genuine, positive and inspiring and showcased examples of innovation in business already happening in the Waikato. This creative was used across all E Tu creative collateral including invitations (both print and online), posters, programmes, staff t-shirts, USBs, thank-you cards and both pre- and post-event website pages.

RESULT – The E Tu Waikato conference was a successful driver in strengthening the relationship between the Waikato-Tainui and the Waikato District Council. Interest shown from businesses - local and abroad – was intense, highlighting that the Waikato is seen as an emerging economic powerhouse within NZ.

Tony Roberts, managing director Hampton Downs Group, speaking at the E Tu conference.
Three pull-up banners showcasing the various promotional photos and accompanying art.
The webpage developed for the conference, displayed on a laptop.
The invitation created for the event.

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