Auckland Central Library

Your Way

Wayfinding Signage


Creative Brief – Auckland Central Library needed a new clean and modern wayfinding system. The old system was outdated and had been added to over the years in an ad hoc fashion making it unnecessarily busy and confusing. Some of the areas and collections within the library were moving, so it was no longer accurate.

Wayfinding informs people of their surroundings in both familiar and unfamiliar built environments. It is important to show information at strategic points to guide people in the right direction.

The Challenge – An effective wayfinding system is based on human behaviour and consists of the following characteristics:

— Do not make users think – create a comprehensive, clear and consistent visual communication system with concise messaging.

— Show only what is needed – only information that is relevant to the space, location and/or navigation path.

— Remove excessive information – remove unnecessary elements to create a clear visual environment ahead.

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